Jute Threads Manifesto


Projects for the rest of us!

Why are almost all project management apps written for businesses?

Regular people do important stuff, too. And sometimes we collaborate with other people doing stuff. We manage families, households, school, cars, repairs, documents, legal issues, medical issues, businesses, travel, bands, reunions, elderly care, and a ton more! That’s project management, and it should be fun and easy for everyone. But almost all project management apps are written for businesses, or they’re just no fun to use. We’re fixing that by making project management powerful enough for businesses, but fun and easy enough for the rest of us.

Read on to see what drives us to make Jute Threads and bring projects to the rest of us!

We were an afterthought… Until now

Until now, the only project management options for us regular folks haven’t been great. One option that most of us use is, well, nothing, which means managing projects with separate apps like messaging, email, spreadsheets, and files. But this leaves our stuff disconnected, strewn all over the place.

Another option is to subscribe to a project management app. These apps have come a long way and they have their place – heck we use them. But they’re also expensive, technical, and not really fun. And even if you are willing to shell out $100 bucks or so per month for one of them, you still have to be fairly technical to figure it out. Raise your hand if you have family and friends who will never figure out project management software. Our hands are up with yours!

It’s time for the rest of us to enjoy having our lives better organized.

Say goodbye to chaos, say Hello Jute

Many organizational apps ironically cause chaos because they don’t scale well. As you use them more they get bloated, and then it gets hard to find stuff and hard to know where to put new stuff. Ever had an idea and wondered, “Where should I save this?”. We do, too.

Here’s how Jute Threads turns the chaos into a smile…

Connected not scattered

Got a hundred separate documents? Well, that’s called a pile. But a hundred connected documents is a knowledge base, and our brains like that.

Jute uses links, @’s, and tags to connect docs. So if you’re writing one doc and mention another one, Jute will automatically connect the two so you can swap back and forth. And as you write, Jute will look for similar things you’ve already written and show them to you. How often have you been doing something and thought, “I think I’ve already done something like this - I wonder where it is?” Jute helps with that.

Connections reduce stress

What if you get into a fender bender? You’ll take photos of the damage and you’ll exchange info with the other driver. You’ll deal with police, insurance companies, and repair shops. Jute Threads connects all that stuff, so when you’re dealing with one part, you can easily see the other parts. Super cool.

You won’t have to ask yourself “Was that an email? Or a text? Or a shared photo? Help!” In Threads, when you’re looking at your car details, they’ll be connected to the insurance details, police report, repairs, etc. Threads turns chaos into a smile when you need it most.

Threads makes life less stressful

The more you see your stuff, the better you’ll remember it. Some apps just show you a list of your projects. They aren’t connected and there isn’t enough context for your brain to understand what goes with what?

In Jute Threads, you can see your folder structure. It’s not in the way, but you can see it - we’ve figured out how to show you what you need to tickle your memory - without the noise. This reduces your stress because your brain relaxes when it sees where your stuff is. Seeing your stuff is great for people with ADHD, and it turns out it’s also great for everyone else, too!

Don’t re-invent, borrow from the experts

When you’re trying to organize something, have you ever had that feeling that someone else must have figured this out already? We do that all the time. That’s why we made templates super easy to use in Threads.

Want to manage a trip? Just load the trip template. Want to manage a project at work, a team, a band, a wedding, or a medical issue? You get the idea.

In some apps, templates are these mysterious things that live in another universe. They’re hard to preview so you don’t know if they’ll work for you until you download or buy them. Yuk.

In Threads, since everything is a page, a template is just another page, so you can just drag them anywhere you like. A template can be as simple as a pre-formatted document to save the warranty information for your microwave; or it can be a whole folder structure with documents, to-do lists, and calendars to manage your business.

Threads has a Community Templates section where you can find, preview and use templates. When you find the right one just drag it anywhere in your account. And they’re totally free. Boom.

With Jute Templates, you don’t have to reinvent everything. And because we’ve made them free and super easy to use, you’ll use them all the time!

You haven’t seen great templates until you’ve seen Jute Templates.

You’ll feel good when you use Jute Threads

At Jute, every fiber of our being is dedicated to making managing your life and work suck less - and we even believe we can make it enjoyable, beautiful, and fun! It should make us feel good.

When you use Threads, you’ll want to share it with friends, family, co-workers, clients, and contractors. You’ll have fun, you’ll feel smarter, and you’ll feel relief. If we can make you play with our software then we all win, and that makes us happy.

We are building Jute Threads right now! Sign up for early access to be one of our Beta Heros!

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